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Dear Friends,

Only once have I made a New Year’s resolution – actually I made two resolutions one New Year’s Eve, and before noon the next day I realised I’d broken both and decided never to bother again!

However, it is always good to have something to aim for, maybe it is to lose the extra pounds put on over Christmas – heyho!


In the Word of God it says “My people perish from lack of vision”. It so saddens me to see people who have no ambition and no idea where or what they are aiming for in life. I heard a well- known Bible teacher (David Pawson) say that that he had once asked a group of young people what was the main  thing that had happened to them since coming to faith in Jesus. The most common answer was “purpose”. It is purpose that keeps us going, that gets us out of bed in the morning, and brings us hope for the future.

People often have a strange view of Christainity; that is a crutch and it is boring. The exact opposite is true, if you truly accept Jesus as your Lord, life will never be dull or the same again. The reason for life becomes so obvious.

I am sure many of us have been watching the series on television “Planet Earth”. It is fantastic and so well filmed and produced. What amazes me is that David Attenborough is a self-confessed atheist. Just think of all that he has seen of this world, and the great variety of species and all the incredible experiences of the beauty of nature and the intricacies of it all working together that he has witnessed.  How can that all “just” happen? Everything about that programme points to a wonderful Creator who put it all together.  Very often it is through studying creation that many come to faith.

Religion can however be a substitute for true faith, if it is formality without relationship or true belief. Jesus said “Have faith in God”. This New Year could be a fresh start for us all if we dare to put our lives in the hands of Jesus as Saviour and friend, and put our trust in the God who made us and loves us.

I want to finish with a blessing for you:

May God bless you richly with love, peace and joy

May He always be there for you and those you care about

May He bless you with health, provision and comfort

In Jesus’ Name

Jill Gower

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