Benefice Marquee & BBQ Service

Was held on Sunday July 10th at the Rectory gardens.

Firstly, we thank God for the dry weather during the service and the sunny weather for the BBQ.

Approximately 50 adults and 6 children joined as for the annual marquee service and of course the BBQ of sausages, burgers, chicken and ribs plus a range of desserts, with no added calories!


Below you will find photographs taken during the service, Robert this year decided to run a Bush Tucker Challenge ("I'm an Anglican, guide me out of here").

As the two children were not impressed with the food on offer, two adults volunteered.

They were offered, exotic foods, such as Meal Worms, Locusts, Black Ants and a Tarantula!

Barney and Ann battled it out and both attemped the final meal of Tarantula.

Barney managed the body and was seen to be still chewing on it during the BBQ!




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